Welcome to Aquarius

Specialised treatments for men and women 

Aquarius Beauty is a beauty salon based in Finsbury Park, North London which is an extension of a family business specialising in
hair and beauty, established for over 30 years. 

We are proud to offer outstanding customer service at all times by a highly skilled team of therapists. As well as offering a wide range of treatments we have a highly regarded reputation in our waxing department where our speciality is Brazilian waxing. 

Whether you are looking for a facial, manicure, therapeutic massage, waxing or microdermabrasion, Aquarius Beauty is the perfect place for a quick wax, simple pampering or an indulgence of luxury.

Our aim
is to provide outstanding customer service at all time by a professional and highly skilled team of therapists.
The products we use are of the highest quality, ensuring maximum results from your treatments.
Aquarius Beauty is the perfect place whether you require a quick fix, simple pampering or an indulgence of luxury. We have a programme to address your needs, in an inviting and friendly environment.







Waxing doesn’t have to be scary! Visit us at Aquarius Beauty in Finsbury Park N4, we are masters of Brazilian/Hollywood waxing as well as all other waxing areas.Not all therapists who wax have the additional specialised training required to carry out intimate waxing efficiently, resulting in a traumatic experience.

Although waxing can’t be totally pain free, we have adopted great techniques used our by highly skilled and experienced therapists.

You will be pleasantly surprised that it will only be a couple of seconds of discomfort in the most sensitive areas. Clients often comment ‘It wasn’t that bad!’ When waxing intimate areas rest assured that our spatulas will not bere-dipped, good hygiene practices are a major concern to us.










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